What are the top rules of your life?

Arturo Toscanini is a world-famous conductor. He has been to many places, conducted
numerous orchestras of , and met numerous officials and dignitaries of. At the
age of 80, his son asked him curiously, “what do you think is the most
important thing you have done in your life?”

replied, “what I am doing now is the most important thing in my life.
Whether it’s conducting a symphony orchestra or peeling an orange. “

When I was a
student, I had a roommate. She just started brushing her teeth and left the
bathroom to pick up the clothes to wear, and her mouth was full of bubbles.
Then, she was busy sorting out the information on his desk, while she said that
she had something to do today. Needless to say, her life was always in a hurry
and boring way.

Studying school,
I found that a few students did not look at the teacher in class, they have
been busy taking notes. They write hard and seriously, but I never think they
are “good students” because they are more interested in exams than in
learning. They may be able to get the knowledge they need for the exam from
their notes, but they can’t fully understand it. When they write down the words,
the teacher has already talked about other things, and they will miss them
again and again. You have to fit in wholeheartedly and do your best as you can,
as if this is the only person in the world right now. Then there will be real
understanding. It has to be your attitude towards life, your way of life,
whether you are in class, eating, chatting, dancing, painting

Someone asked Van
Gogh: which one of your paintings is the best? He said: The one I’m drawing
now. A few days later, the man asked again. Van Gogh said, “I’ve told you it
is the one I’m drawing now!

Yes, what you
are doing now is the most important thing in your life. It is the top rule in
your life.

The most
treasured thing in life is what you’re doing, even if you’re just brushing your
teeth. What is being done has its meaning and necessity. Cherish the present
and discover the happiness in what you do now, and you can enjoy life at any

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