What are the signs that you are wasting your life?

When you were a
child, did you want to grow up to be an astronaut, a singer or an engineer?
What about now? Has your dream come true? I hope everything goes well and you
are living your ideal life. But if not, there are eight signs that you may be
wasting your life, even if you don’t want to admit it.

1.    You spend too much time on
things you shouldn’t do.

Play games,
watch TV, surf the Internet, eat constantly, indulge in alcohol, and so on.
Take a serious look at your life. What do you spend your time on? Is it good
for you? Will it make you better off? Is it building blocks for your bright
future? If your answer is no, then you need to reassess your daily activities
and make changes.

2.    You find yourself complaining
all the time.

Some people I
know have been telling me that they are often overwhelmed by life. Are you the
same kind of person? Do you often complain about your job, your boss, your
salary, your neighbors or even your partner? If your answer is “yes”,
then these actions are nothing but negative energy all the time. Negativity
doesn’t change reality, it just keeps you at a standstill. So change your mind
and talk about things in your life that you appreciate rather than things you
don’t like.

3.    You don’t enrich your mind.

If you don’t
keep growing and learning, you’re going to be obtuse, like a pool of still
water that’s full of sticky green floats. If you don’t keep your mind active
and learn new knowledge, your mind will become the same as it is. Positive
challenges in life expand your mind and don’t set it back.

4. You’re full
of negative thoughts

Self talk can
make or break your life. As Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or
can’t, you’re right.” If you tell yourself that you are not smart enough
to be promoted or start a business, then you are right. If you tell yourself
that you’re too exhausted to try to change your life, you’re right. Whatever
you say to yourself will come true in the end. So keep an eye on what you say
to yourself, because you’ll find that your life always matches your thoughts.

5. You don’t
feel passionate

Are you
passionate about anything? I know a lot of people who think they lack passion.
But it’s not true. There must be something you like very much. So what you need
is to rediscover the things that make you passionate and do more of them.

6. You have no
plans for the future

Although it’s
great to live in the present and in front of you, sometimes you need to look
forward and see where you want to go. If you have no goal and no plan, then you
are like a boat in the ocean, wandering aimlessly, but hoping to have a good
destination. But you can’t do that. You need to develop a step-by-step plan to
guide you to where you want to go. Just as GPS can navigate for you, you also
need your own internal GPS to guide you.

7. You’re
addicted to cell phones

To be sure,
mobile phones are cool things, and we’re fascinated by them. It’s fun, but
think about the time you waste playing with your cell phone. Even worse, think
about all the relationships that might be affected. Maybe when you’re having dinner
with your partner or child, you’re still texting and searching the Internet. If
that’s what you’re doing, you’re missing an important time with someone you
love. Or you can use that time to plan your future.

8. You don’t get
enough sleep

I’m not a doctor,
but I read a lot of books and fully understand the importance of sleep. I can
talk about it for dozens of pages. But obviously there is no place for it in
this essay. Sleep is vital to health. If you’re too busy to get enough sleep,
or if you just have the habit of staying up late into the morning, it’s time to
reassess your habits.

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