What are some good habits to follow?

You may need these good habits.

1.Don’t play
with your cell phone while eating.

2. Don’t
interrupt while the other person is talking.

3. Don’t play
with your cell phone for half an hour before you go to bed, then you 
will get a good

4. Don’t go to
someone else’s house without any gifts, no matter how good your 
relationship is.

5. Learn to
cook, you may not only get cooking skills, but also a wife/husband.

6. Be careful
about what you don’t understand, but don’t draw a conclusion too 

7. Carrying
tissue with you when you go out can basically solve 99% of your 

8.Early to bed,
and early to rise. At least get enough sleep if you can not go to bed 

9.Making more
money is always right. Money gives people a sense of security.

10.Keep reading.

11. Make a daily
to-do list.

writing. Writing can not only improve your personal thinking ability, but also 
improve your
income level sometimes.

13. Don’t sit
for long. It’s better to get up and move in half an hour.

14.Learn to say

15. Throw away
things you don’t need. The next time you want to shop again, give 
yourself  72 hours to think about whether you really
need it.

16. Keep
exercising for half an hour three times a week.

17. Don’t sit
down or lie down immediately after eating.

18. Spend five
minutes a day thinking about everything you’re grateful for.

19. Maintain curiosity to new things.

20.Last one: eat

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