Why don’t you just tell her that you like her?

1.Maybe because you don’t need a response, you like her but don’t care if she likes you or not. You only enjoy the process of secret love. Once this situation is broken, you will lose the fuzzy beauty.

2.Maybe you want a response and want to know whether she likes you or not, but you are afraid that you can’t get the response you want, or even get the unwanted response like she hates you, so you dare not tell her.

3.You are thinking too far. Even if you get the answer you want, she does want to have a relationship with you, yet  you are so worried about the future and afraid of the unknown that you dare not take this step.

4.I know some boys like to hang on others and enjoy the process. Such a boy will be nice to a girl, but never say whether he likes her or not. I can’t explore this kind of person’s psychology, but from the female’s point of view, if you like this boy, I suggest you directly express your mind to get the other party’s answer. Of course, if girls enjoy the process, never mind my words.

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