What will happen when you falling in love with your best friend?

Worrying about ruining your friendship after falling in love with your best friend?

It doesn’t always happen.

I will give you real examples of

First, I’m not the one falling in love with my best friend. Instead,
I’m the one who is loved by my best friend.

The day before November 11th which is known as
singles day in China, he sent me a message saying he didn’t want to be single
any longer and asked me if I’d like to be his girlfriend.

I was shocked, because I never thought that we could be
lovers. When I calmed down, I told him we were too young and did not know what
love is. Besides, we were in different cities, and the distance between us
would bring troubles.

He didn’t say much, so I have no idea about his mood, sad or
not. Anyway, 4 years later, we still friends now. It just that I can not tell
him anything about me like the old days. I do have visions of being with him,
but I can’t actually be with him.

While I have another story of myself to tell you, this time I
indeed fell in love with a very good friend of mine.

At first, I didn’t tell
him my feeling. I came to his place during the holiday, and we visited many
places of interest together, we had delicious food together, when I hurt my
finger, he bought the band-aid and put it on my finger.

He did a lot and took
care of me. I thought he was feeling the same as me, but I was wrong. He is not
the one. Now we are still friends, but just like the other guy and I, something
really changed.

Now I give you my examples. You can realize that the extreme
situations do not aways happen, while a plain ending happens a lot.

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