What was the best relationship advice you ever got?

1.    Don’t expect the other person to change. People’s habits are really hard to change, accept each other’s shortcomings or separate. Don’t think about getting married and he won’t be like that. No, if you marry him knowing his weakness, he will think that your bottom line is very low and is likely to get worse.

2.    No matter how hot the feelings are, they will tend to be flat with time. In order to maintain a good relationship between the two people, we need a consistent world outlook, outlook on life and values.

3.    Be sure to pay attention to your partner’s medical report, which is responsible for yourself.

4.    When your ex comes to see you to get back together, think about why you broke up. Have the problems that bothered you at that time been solved? Will it happen again? Think about the answer to this question, and you will know whether to compound.

5.    Don’t give up your studies or career for anyone. Love may disappear, but knowledge and wealth will make you better off.

6.    Express yourself actively and communicate effectively. Let the other person know what you’re thinking. Let the other party know what he has done well and what he has not done well, which will help to further develop your relationship.

7.    Show the real image in front of your partner, because the false image will collapse one day.

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