What should I do to make men contact me actively?

1.Suggest that you have time for a date

When a boy hears that his favorite girl has time on his day off,
everyone will think about dating her. Girls may think that it would be nice for
boys to ask questions on their own initiative, but sometimes boys are very
timid. Some boys are more mature, so it is necessary for girls to help with
dating. For example, it’s good to tell the man what day of the week you have
time and how you arrange your time. It’s hard to be dated if you look busy!

2. Just tell him what you want

“When I hear that a girl I like has a movie that she wants to
see, I have the idea of dating her, because it doesn’t feel embarrassed even if
she’s rejected,” said a male broadcaster. Girls with attractive dating
excuses such as “Is there a restaurant to recommend around here?”,
“There’s a movie I want to see recently” and so on. Girls like this
make boys feel like they can take advantage of it. So the girls who show what
they want to do unconsciously are very popular. At first glance, it seems
casual, but it is a rare hint for boys.


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