What are 7 hard truths that everyone should know?


Loneliness is the normal life. You must
have the interests you really like so that you can spend countless long nights
and countless lonely times. Reading is the lowest cost hobby. Many people seem
to be interested in everything and can participate in everything, but they
don’t go deep. This kind of person is the loneliest because they don’t know
what they want or like.



In fact, in other people’s eyes, you are
not so important. You may be happy or sad because of what others think of you,
but they really don’t care, even you are angry.



Gratitude is a rare quality that most
people don’t have. Give one man a piece of sugar every day, and if you don’t
give it to him one day, he will blame you. But if you beat him every day, one day
you don’t, he will appreciate you. It is human nature.



Actually, the vast majority of people in
this world are destined to be ordinary people. We can have personality, but we
can’t be distorted.



It’s a very sad thing to break up with
friends when we were at school. Now it won’t. People are drifting away



You think that you can restart your life if
you indulge yourself in the holiday, but it’s all an illusion.



You always read a lot of information,  and you think you love learning. You’re wrong.
It’s just that your brain likes to be stimulated by information. If you really
want to learn, read books.

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