Can men and women be friends?

There is a topic that we have been discussing, that is, whether there is pure friendship between boys and girls. Some people think that the pure friendship between the opposite sex is impossible to exist. This is the nature of human beings. When the opposite sex is good to a certain extent, it is just like a further relationship with her. Friendship is only a foreshadowing before the beginning of love.

Some people think that pure friendship exists between men and women, because friendship is not gender specific. It does not mean that if two people have a very good relationship, they must be lovers. Sometimes it is better to be a friend than a couple, and they will not have any improper ideas about the opposite sex who has a very good relationship. So, does the pure friendship between men and women exist? After watching the experience of my friend, we will understand.

Jack , my friend ,has a very good relationship with a female friend. He has known this friend for eight years. The relationship between them has been so good that he can tell her anything. But they do not mix any relationship between the two people, love things, is that kind of pure friendship like friends. The two of them met on the Internet. At that time, they felt that they were very close friends. They would help each other. Over the past few years, their relationship has not changed, and will not change in the future. They are just very good friends, that’s all.

As for whether pure friendship exists or not, many people have their own ideas. If it is based on the premise that two people do not like each other, then pure friendship may exist. However human is a kind of animal that is easy to rely on others. If two people get along for a long time, you will unconsciously start to rely on each other.

At last , I think men and women cannot be friend! I have a pen friend dating for nearly ten years, I think the friendship between us is very simple, because we did not meet, just occasionally make a phone call、on the Internet or before is to write letters! My idea is very simple. We have known and communicated with each other for so long that we really regard him as a very good friend and confidant.

But I had a feeling that he liked me, and I had only just confirmed it when he confessed his feelings to me.

I said that we can only be very good friends, he also recognized, but the friendship between us , he has not pure feeling for me.

So, between men and women can be friends, but to do a good friend, there will always be other emotions in it!!

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